Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pillow talk

this post is not going to be as racy as the title may suggest. But it's still thrilling. I went to Horchow Finale today and scored a sweet deal on a really pretty hand-embroidered pillow!

It was originally $212.00 (who in the world spends over $200 for a PILLOW? that's insane. It's a pillow. The Finale price was $140.00, which is still insane. But then I looked... was there a smudge of green on the tag? That would mean 75% off! I took it up to the register. My hopes were trampled by a discontented-looking old lady who DENIED the green smudge, then walked away and left me at the register without ringing me up for my other purchase:

A younger, kinder salesperson came to the register. I explained my dashed hopes of green smudginess, and she took pity on me. Long story short, I got the pillow (down-filled, hand-embroidered, feminine loveliness!) for $34.00. If you come over, I'll let you touch it, but only if you wash your hands first. That pillow is technically worth more than my couch.

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