Monday, October 6, 2008

I did it all for the (fortune) cookie*.

Something you may not know about Doc Losefast-I save my fortune cookie fortunes. But only the good ones. Also, I only eat the cookie if I want the fortune to be true or if it is very wise. Here's a list of some of my favorites:

"It's sometimes better to travel with hope than to arrive"
"Failure is the mother of success"
- unfortunately I got BOTH of the above fortunes the night before a test. I don't remember exactly how I did, but if I did poorly at least I'll know that I was traveling with hope and will have successful children.

"Turn on the charm. you'll be glad you did." Thanks for the advice.
"a fun party is soon to be in your future" I'll be invited to the party after I turn on my charm!
"an exciting opportunity lies ahead of you" probably still talking about the opportunity of going to a fun party.
"do not hide your feelings. let others know where you stand" I see, so I am to become sloppily drunk at the aforementioned party and confess my love to a near stranger. Sounds like a good plan.

"Others admire your flexibility" HEY NOW!!!

"everyone feels lucky for having you as a friend" it's because I'm so charming.

"today is probably a huge improvement over yesterday." what the hell kind of GD fortune cookie fortune is that? it's like the debbie downer of all fortunes. But also hilarious.

So now you know my life in fortunes. Too bad there's no fortune cookie to tell me how to politely steer the conversation in another direction someone is speed-talking political propaganda at me. le sigh.

Peace in your hood.

*yes that was a really lame reference to Limp Bizkit. I'm so corny I'm about to become high-fructose syrup. mwoah mwoah mwoah.....

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Mrs.Preppy said...

I thought the song was "I did it all for the nookie..." Maybe I need to reread those lyrics.