Sunday, September 7, 2008

sit down you're rockin' the boat!

I'm getting the feeling at work that I can't win with my attending. The interns tell me I'm improving. The resident tells me I'm getting better. But the attending tells me that I need to work really hard, because I'm ALMOST at a high pass. A high pass is equivalent to an 84. It is a shitty grade. And I'm not sure how much harder I can work (I'm already pretty darn thorough).

So I called my mom and she gave me this wonderful piece of advice; "Smile and let the B*tch wonder what you're up to." It's a good piece of advice for when I'm stuck in a bad situation. The other advice that was really good came from my friend Karla; "I think we both need margaritas". And so we did go get margs this evening and vented about how awful and smelly our lives are.

so for now my plan is this:
1. call my shrink and ask for some welbutrin stat.
2. think of my boss as dissatisfied with her life and taking it out on me because I'm young and full of potential
3. continue to work hard
4. drink margaritas when not at work. other drinks may be substituted as I see fit.
5. pray to God that I don't go crazy during the next two weeks on this service.
suggestions are always welcome.

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Mrs.Preppy said...

I like that plan.... Smile and fake it until you never have to see her again.