Wednesday, September 17, 2008

woo hoooo

Tomorrow is my last day of work... really I'm going to be working overnight for 30 hours straight, so Friday is the technical last day, but tomorrow is the last time I will have to actually drive to the hospital in anticipation of having a bad day. Today the other med student on my team said, "every day, I feel like it's the worst day of my life". I told him to try Zoloft, because it really helps. Seriously.
It took me a while to write after recovering from my last call... during which I had a homeless crackhead with possibly active tuberculosis, AIDS, and syphilis in his brain trying to flick his scabies at me at 3 AM. Then when I got to leave the next day (at around 1:00 PM) My car wouldn't start because the battery was dead. I called AAA and they told me it would be 90 minutes. In that 90 minutes I passed out in my car and my cell phone died. I woke up like two hours later, realized what had happened, and had to call them again, wait another 45 minutes, then find out that my battery was not only dead, it was defective so I had to buy a new one for the low low price of $130.00. Then I went home, took a nap for four hours (and no, I didn't shower first, cause I got it like that) and then went to Central Market. My grocery list:
1. Meatloaf and mashed potato dinner for one
2. Pint of Bluebell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream
3. 1/4 lb of chocolate covered gummi bears
4. Six pack of Shiner 99th anniversary brew (pretty darn good!)
5. Bottle of Argentinean Malbec
When I got to the checkout, the guy looked at me and asked, "long day at work?"
dude, you have no idea. My day was like a swiss watch of awesomeness.
Monday I started to get woozy at work, got paranoid that I had been given TB by my crackhead dude, left work early and got into bed. Then I slept for like 24 hours. When I got back to work today, all of my four patients had magically been discharged, so I had no responsibilities (the ultimate woo hooooo).
here's a picture from my cousin's wedding of my slick dance moves, which I will probably be breaking out this weekend in celebration of leaving my old attending in the dust.

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