Saturday, August 9, 2008

investigation- wild birds unlimited

how the hell does the store Wild Birds Unlimited stay open and thriving with multiple stores in the same city? I pass by one like five times a week and never once have I been tempted to enter it. I think they sell exclusively bird feeders and bird seed.

from the website:
"At Wild Birds Unlimited, we aren’t just a birdfood store. We are Your Backyard Birdfeeding Specialist®, here to help bring you, your family and nature together."

so really, they only do sell birdseed and bird feeders. how many bird feeders do they have to sell to be able to keep a store open on Lovers Lane in UP in what I imagine to be a very expensive area to lease? I may enter the store today to do a little investigating. My guess is that it's really a respectable-looking front for a nationwide suburban drug ring. Honestly, can you think of any store name that is more boring or wholesome sounding? I may just go in there to take a nap on a little pile of birdseed.

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