Saturday, August 2, 2008

awkward turtle

On Friday I went back to the private practice pediatrician's office. As a refresher, this is the same Doc who was concerned about my single status and who recommended that I be engaged or at least in a long term relationship by the time I graduate Med school. During one of the breaks between patients, she and her staff begin to slyly ask me questions about what my ideal man would be like. As she is involved in grading me, I play along with her, thinking this question to be completely theoretical. I say he has to be 6'3" or above, clean cut, smart and well-educated, reasonably athletic, well-mannered, and most importantly completely infatuated with me. He also can't whine too much or be an ass. This is why I'm still single (the standards against whining and/or being an ass cut down the potential field by around 75%).
Her medical assistants start chatting rapidly in Spanish, not knowing that I can understand just about everything they're saying (because I've only been speaking English to them all week). Basically they're saying "ooh, I bet she's going to like him! I hope he comes today!" The Doctor then tells me that they had a sales rep come by on Wednesday who was 6'7" and that she had somehow in his five minute office visit found out that he was single and told him to come back on Friday to meet her tall medical student. And he did. AWKWARD! He seemed pleasant and was certainly very tall, but really?

When he left, the entire staff started asking me if I thought he was good looking, if I liked him, if I would go on a date with him, etc. I tried explaining that it didn't matter because he was in the office for five minutes and I'm not going back there anymore. The Doctor then told me that she would email me when he was coming and bringing lunch so that I could make the 15 mile drive to her office and be there whenever he was. I told her politely that that was ridiculous. Her entire staff began to say that he had come that day just to meet me, and that he must have really liked me because he stayed for seven minutes instead of the usual five. And in case you were wondering what our children would look like, don't worry because they figured that out too (tall, beautiful, and athletic).
Before I left, the Doc made me give her my phone number just in case. Why the hell not? Who knows? one of these days I may get a phone call from a mysterious number saying "hi, I'm Joe Pharm... remember? The really tall Allegra rep from Dr. S's office"


Shannon De Leon said...

Oh, mom is going to be asking about this for the next TEN YEARS!

..."How's that pharmaceutical rep doing? You know, the tall one?"...

Shannon De Leon said...

Also, you should give a little more credit to serendipity. You never know!

Lauren said...

if that much serendipity happens, then the good Dr. S can be my tall children's godmother.

karen said...

If I could stop laughing, I would say it sounds like a match made in heaven... "How's that pharmaceutical rep doing--the tall one?"