Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I tried and I'm tired.

So no updates for a while due to me being online-lazy and my stupid hand flaring up again. I'm currently typing this against my own better judgement. Last Friday I finished up with Pediatrics, and took the national shelf exam (which was absurd). Here are the nuggets of wisdom I will share from my rotation:
poop is complicated, even when it isn't
parents will deny that it's their fault when their kids are fat (most dramatic case--an 88 lb 3 year old who asked repeatedly for hamburgers during exam. Mom replied "what are you talking about? you know we don't eat junk food like that!")
Meth ruins lives in a very sad way
I'm uncomfortable around most children.

For the weekend I went home to see the family and to do a stupid hard triathlon with my mom. it was completely awful and made worse by the fact that I hadn't worked out for like two weeks prior to the race. I did well on the swim (the shortest part), mediocre on the bike, and terribly on the run. The bike was all hills and valleys, with pretty much no flats at all. The run was through meadows and gravel and rocks and sand. it was absurd. And did I mention that the run from swim exit to transition was 1/4 mile long? What a joke. All I realized from that stupid thing is that I wish I could start rowing again, but Dallas doesn't have any great facilities, and the ones that are marginal are still far away.

I drove back Sunday night (exhausted) to start my internal medicine rotation. So far I have one patient. All I can say about her is that she's one of the few patients I've ever gone home and prayed for because she looks so freaking uncomfortable, and that I almost started dry-heaving during my morning exam. There's ickyness going on that I'll not describe because I don't want you to ruin your computer by up-chucking onto it.
P-land is dirty. It makes me want to soak myself in a tub of 409 every night. The upside is that we have catered lunches every day but wednesday, and they're fairly high quality. Yesterday I had a mufalletta and kettle chips. yum.

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