Thursday, April 10, 2008

low energy/ high procrastination

I stole this from a friend's blog

What accessories do you wear everyday? stainless steel diving watch, Ray-Ban aviators in the sun, navy blue Gucci glasses in the shade or night time, ID badge on weekdays.

What is your beauty routine? today, showering, put some random volumizing goo in my hair, brushed/flossed my teeth, covered up the bags under my eyes obtained after putting in a 17-hour study day, deodorant...

What was the last item of clothing you bought? gray lounge pants

Do you use a dresser, closet, or both? I use a closet and shove everything else under my bed in plastic drawers.

What type of earrings are in your ears right now? None. it's test week and I left the house at 6 am.

What type of figure do you have? a tall one.

Do you wear glasses? Aviators in the sun, navy blue Gucci glasses with a white stripe when not in the sun. My right eye is almost perfect, but my left eye is continually getting worse.

What type of handbag do you carry? right now a polka-dotted brown tote bag with a silk skull and tweed hearts appliqu├ęd onto it.

What is your ideal style? Classic but not generic... but I think I often end up looking like an elementary school art teacher.

What jewelry are you wearing right now? just a watch. I didn't even brush my hair this morning.

Do you wear knee-hi stockings? I wear tall socks under cowboy boots. I may start wearing compressive stockings next year on rotations.

Do you have to wear matching lingerie? never thought about it much.

Do you wear makeup? heavens yes, I'm from TX.

Do you wear nightgowns? I prefer lounging separates.

What outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winter's day? a scarf and a coat. I have a red coat and a black one.

What is your favorite perfume? Laura Mercier Amber Passion. Or anything else heavy on the amber. I don't like orange flower/orange scent because one time at the dentist they gave me laughing gas in an orange-scented mask before I got a root canal. Ever since then the scent makes me slightly nauseated.

Is your motto "quality over quantity"? depends on the medium. yes for handbags, meat, and wine. no for books, chocolate, or flowers.

Do you wear rain boots? absolutely not. My feet would look like boats.

Do you wear socks or slippers when your feet get cold? Sometimes I leave socks on for >24 hours in the winter because I don't want my feet to get cold for even one second.

Do you have a set of travel luggage? no it's strictly for household use.

Do you wear a watch? yes. It was a graduation present and I love it.

What item of clothing always makes you feel extremely beautiful? I'll settle for moderately presentable. I like my boots, though. they always make me feel extremely awesome.

What is your favorite type of yarn? the soft kind that doesn't shed on other stuff. and I don't like the way silk smells.

Do you prefer zippers or buttons? they each have strengths and weaknesses.

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