Wednesday, April 9, 2008

endocrinology is terrible

This morning I tried to make oatmeal without any water because I'm so stupidly sleep deprived. the only things I'm good for right now are complaining and underlining words without looking at what they mean.
as an aside, I've noticed that every single professor who comes in to teach us tells us that somehow their particular subject will be of utmost importance to our future careers. There is an inverse relationship between how cool a specialty is and how much the doctor thinks they need to promote/justify their specialty... the worst offenders were predictably urology, gastroenterology (they peek up the rectum with a tube for a living), and gynecology. And every pathologist, ever, thinks that we need to be acquainted with pathology. But invariably, they put a disclaimer on the end of their speech, to the effect of "and that's why, no matter WHAT you do, ____ will affect your practice... unless you want to become an orthopaedic surgeon or something and go fix fractures all day".
Every time they say that, I say a prayer for my future career as an orthopaedic surgeon. If my future job allows me to forget the chemical structure of eight million different kinds of synthetic hormones and why one of the eight million subtypes can cause metabolic acidosis, I will be the happiest girl in the world. Until then, I just think of Gladys Knight:
"I just got to use my imagination
to think of good reasons
to keep on keepin' on.
Got to make the best of a bad situation..."

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Shannon De Leon said...

it sounds like you need a visit from a little anna soon... here's her message to you:

,m mklkk nmlk lm bv vvcv mkj

she said it's a cryptogram and you'll know what it means. she's really into learning how to type.