Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm 24 years old... and I'm still not married.

My birthday was super duper fun. I was a little late to my own party, due to circumstances beyond my control (I took a long time getting ready and then forgot my tiara at home and had to go get it). We went to the Maple Point, which is pretty awesome. They loved us because I brought in ten times as much business as they probably have on an average Friday night. I love them because they gave us free soft pretzels, everyone got in to sing who wanted to, and the beverages are extremely reasonably priced. I think that heaven will look something like the Maple Point.

Never gonna give you up: you just got Rick Rolled!Me, singing Baby One More Time.
The lady who owns the Maple Point told me that I should try out for the Karaoke Talent competition. apparently she thinks I have what it takes to make it to State, or even National Karaoke contests. I told her not to tempt me.
Group song: Livin' on a prayer

Me with Erin. The awesome earrings are hers and she wouldn't give them to me as a birthday present. I don't blame her, because I wouldn't either.

I'm starting to realize why my minister decided NOT to put a link from her blog onto my blog:
Pitchers with Cluster . After the bar closed, Amit took Erin and I to Taco Cabana. While I was in the ladies' room (actually I was in the men's room because someone was in the ladies' room for like ten minutes and the men's was empty and reasonably clean) Erin decided to order 12 tortillas and "The Biggest Queso you have". In case you were wondering, Taco Cabana's largest queso is 16 oz. That's a lb of queso. In addition to the taco I actually wanted her to order for me. We made a valiant effort but we ran out of dippable things (ie; quesadilla, taco, or tortillas) far before we ran out of queso. What a waste. let's have a moment of silence.

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