Saturday, April 16, 2011

this one's for the boys

In line with the imaginary little girl's room, I thought I should do one for the imaginary boys.

I would start out with the same Fjellse Bed from Ikea

with headboards upholstered in a cowhide

(most cowhides are big enough to cover either two twin beds or a queen- possibly a king if you got a big hide)

I would use a cozy and tough-wearing blanket from Pendleton for bedding.

Each bed would have a small storage ottoman at the end, like this one:

Upholstered in this Ikea fabric:

For a bedside table, I would get a Rast chest from Ikea, and hack it like so:

They would each have an industrial-style sconce over the bed:

For reading bedtime stories, there would be a pair of club chairs:

Between which would be this little table:

I would use this rug:

And get a canvas made of this painting by Henri Rosseau

Just as cool as the girl's room, but yet totally different. And I think that both the rooms could grow with children for more than a couple of years--smart AND cost-effective.

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