Sunday, April 3, 2011


when we have a formal dining room someday down the line, I'm going to get chairs like this:

and then I'm going to get my talented and lovely sister to put a giant monogram on them, in a bright color like cobalt blue or red or if I'm feeling subtle, yellow.

I like the style of these three, from the leontine linens website.

I'm going to get a big round or octagonal table like these (all found on first dibs)

The last one is an Althorp table, which is awesome. It is an expanding table that can expand from six to ten seats, by growing in diameter rather than changing into an oval. I think the mechanism and the utility are as beautiful as the table itself.

I also like this one from Crate and Barrel:

Surrounding the round table and monogrammed chairs, I'm thinking walls and walls of built in bookshelves, like these

(from Lonny)

so pretty.

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