Thursday, April 14, 2011

alice in wonderland little girl's room

My sister has two beautiful little girls, and she has mentioned in the past that they may end up sharing a room in her house. Today I was playing around with the idea of how I would decorate a bedroom for two little girls.

I would start with two Fjellse beds from Ikea;

I would upholster them as per the tutorial created by Dan of Manhattan Nest. Here's his end result

using this Premier Prints fabric:

For bedding, I would get something easily washable and brightly colored like this

They would get an extra-girly nightstand like this one (from Euro Antiks):

Topped with a lamp like this

for some glitz, I would add a golden pouf (what little girl doesn't need one of these? I think we may be needing one in our grown-up house if I can find a place for it.

they would each get a hook like this at their own height (because since this is a fantasy the children would use the hooks and keep the room tidy at all times. fat chance since I don't do this myself):

and since this is a dream room, I would buy a painting by this artist:

Or I would attempt to do an homage to her work. which I think is so pretty and interesting in a way that I can't exactly pin-point.

for reading bed-time stories, I would get this settee

and to tie everything together, this rug

All together, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!


Shannon said...

Wow! So whimsical. Although you know me and my toiles and my florals and my shabby, country, chippy tendencies this wouldn't be likely in my house ;)

But I think it IS fabulous!!

Lauren said...

I know. Your style is softer and prettier. I like it just a tiny bit crazy. Also, this would never really be in my house because I refuse to REALLY spend this much money.