Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday at Central Market:
Random Lady: You and that man you're with... you look like you should be doing something in the Olympics!
Me: ha ha, thanks! How flattering!(Thinking, yeah I used to be athletic, but right now the only competition I could probably win would be the "who can reach the glasses at the back of the very top shelf of the cabinet" game)

Random Lady: you are both just so tall and athletic looking... Is he your brother?
Me: Um no, my husband (Thinking, I really hope you didn't ask me that AFTER seeing us smooch in the cheese section... We have a tendency to make the CM sample smorgasbord into a mini-date. It makes grocery shopping super fun.)

Not My Brother

For some reason, people tend to think that if you're tall, and hanging out with someone else tall, then you MUST be related. I have a friend at school who is an inch or so taller than me, and people have stopped us in the hallway to ask if we were twins. And our course directors have called us by each other's names. This would NEVER happen if we were both 5'8"

Not my Twin

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Casey said...

So I was just randomly reading this post thinking how funny that story is because Josh and I used to get asked ALL THE TIME if we were related and it was disturbing! Then I saw that I actually made the blog :) lol, so funny and so true!