Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family wall

We just recently got around to ordering a few pictures from our wedding to put out on display. I had previously designed and bought a wedding photo coffee-table book from Blurb, but we didn't have any pictures up. We are not the type of people who feel the need to cram big artfully-arranged collages of wedding pictures on every wall or flat surface of our home. Nor did we want any pictures of ourselves that were life-size or bigger (although our photographer did say that he knew of a place where we could get a 24"x36" picture of ourselves... We did enjoy your work Budi, but I don't want to see my own face that big, ever).
So we got a 5x7 of us cutting the cake (which is hung in the kitchen, next to where I baked it!)

we also got a bridal picture of me for my mom,

and a ceremony picture for each set of parents.

For ourselves we got an 8x10 of our favorite picture from the day, to put up on our family wall.

It was taken at the end of the afternoon, after we had said the vows and cut the cake and were ready to go home and nap, but we both look so happy and it perfectly captured the mood we were in.

I started this wall when the apartment was just mine, using old family photos. I added some pieces of art; the print of a yellow rose was selected because my dad always gave my mom yellow roses for their anniversary. The paper cutting of a tree that I made for our wedding announcements is there. When we were looking for some of Ethan's things in his parent's garage, we found an old photo of his mom dressed up as a majorette (it makes me smile every time I see it!) and I framed a piece of vintage lace that we picked up at a shop in Paris on our honeymoon. And when we got our wedding picture, we knew that the family wall was the obvious place to hang it. The wall now looks finished to me.

PS if you're wondering about the frames, the clip frames are all from Micheal's, and the other frames are from the Ribba line at Ikea.

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Mrs.Preppy said...

I like that picture of you two ... Cute gallery wall.