Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apple butter!

the other day we went to Sprouts to see what kind of deals they had on fruits/veggies. They had apples for 85 cents a pound, so I bought a ton of them to make apple sauce and apple butter and to try my hand at home canning.
How I did it:
-peeled, cored, and sliced enough apples to fill a giant stock pot. added about 4 inches of water, and started cooking.
-when soft, mashed apples and added sugar and cinnamon to taste. This was my apple sauce. I took out as much as we wanted and put some in the fridge and the remainder in the freezer for later.
-the remainder I kept cooking. I added more sugar (some recipes say to use an equivalent measurement of sugar and fruit, but I didn't add NEARLY that much and I'm glad I didn't). I also added allspice, more cinnamon, and cloves.
-I used my handy immersion blender to completely puree my mixture.
-I kept cooking and stirring over low heat until the mixture became thick enough to mound up on a spoon. At this point, I had apple butter.

Ethan's mom used to do a lot of canning, so I got all my jars and lids and rings from her. So all my jars of apple butter are housed in cute vintage jars! yay.
-Wash everything in hot, soapy water and rinse.
-boil everything for 10 minutes in a big pot to sterilize.
-ladle/pour hot apple butter into hot jar leaving 1/4 inch room at top. wipe rim of jar with clean dry paper towel, put on lid and secure with ring. I had one jar that was half full and I just stuck it in the fridge and we ate that first.
-put full jars into boiling water for 5-10 minutes to seal. When the jars are properly sealed, the lid will not make a clicking sound if you press on it.
-I didn't have any jar-holders, so I just wrapped my regular kitchen tongs with rubber bands and that worked fine.

We've been eating the apple butter on toast, over cream cheese as a spread, and as a topper for ice cream, pancakes, and oatmeal. And we haven't gotten botulism yet!

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Mama Arleigh said...

Good for you, Lauren! My mother would have been very proud of you for your canning efforts! Apple Butter is also good on cooked carrots! Come on peach season!