Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yodeling and Cooking

first off, a video of Regan yodeling.

Things we made today:
1. Marinade for Beef Burgundy (for Tuesday)
2. Mole sauce for Chicken Mole tacos in the crockpot (for lunch tomorrow)
3. Brownies- One pan with butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows, and a second pan with chocolate chunks, Kirsch, and Maraschino cherry pieces.
4. Hummus, middle-eastern style (no garlic, using dried Chick-Peas). This wore out a rubber gasket in my blender which is thankfully about $5 to replace. It also made an ungodly amount of hummus, at least half of which will have to be frozen.

Why all the fuss? partly because E and I both love to cook, and he gets us both having fun in the kitchen with all the new things he wants to try making, and partly because we're having a Memorial Day cookout tomorrow afternoon.
Yesterday we went to Rudolph's butcher to get the hamburger meat, hot dogs, stew meat for our Beef Burgundy, and some country sausage for E's dad. It's a pretty awesome old butcher, where they make all their own sausage, chili meat blends, aged steaks, etc. They also process meat that has been shot by hunters. So much more fun than standing in line at the grocery store forever.

I also made a bouquet for my kitchen table out of a bunch of parsley, since one of our recipes called for a single sprig and a had a boatload left over. I think it looks kind of fun and leafy. E keeps tearing off leaves and eating them, so I guess he likes it too.

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