Saturday, May 2, 2009


bleh is how I'm feeling today. It may be from staying home for three weeks without any goals or work to do in life, but I think a larger part is that I'm recovering from a night out of karaoke with E and his brother. Lets just say that my tolerance has dropped quite a bit since college... and first year of medical school (when I would go to class retrospect, drinking on weeknights was a poor decision). What always helps me out is eating something mildly terrible for me; this food must include fat, protein, carbs, and hot sauce. e.g.: fried egg sandwich (runny yolks) on toast with mayo and lots and lots and lots of hot sauce. For that particular meal I prefer Crystal hot sauce, as it's vinegary but it still has some substance, unlike Tabasco which is all spice and vinegar but there's no background. Also, Crystal is like 88 cents for a giant bottle. As an aside, my favorite Mexican hot sauces are Tapatio and Cholula. If I go to a Mexican restaurant and they serve me a Cajun hot sauce I get a little angry. The other hot sauce in my kitchen right now is Dave's Insanity, which is nothing but spice. It's good if you put a single drop in your ketchup when eating fries, but other than that it's more restricted to being a cooking hot sauce. So in total we have 5 hot sauces in our kitchen... we used to have a bottle of Louisiana's Best, but we only bought it when we couldn't find Crystal and it's not terribly outstanding. I also am reminded while writing this that we're lacking a chipotle/smoky hot sauce, which will be remedied during the next trip to the grocery.
Last night we went to Patrizio's because it's less than a mile from our house and I remembered that it was my mom's favorite restaurant in Dallas, but I didn't remember anything from the menu. So we decided to go... I had the Linguine with Mussels in red sauce, extra garlic. It was very, very good, but our meal was somewhat overshadowed by some ridiculous forty-somethings seated at two tables right next to us. Basically there was one table with two men and another table with two women, and they were all acting fools. They went from talking about their wives/ ex wives/ husbands/ ex husbands to flirting and talking like they were twenty-somethings trying to pick up numbers in a bar, and maybe even get lucky. And they were using teen slang from like ten years ago ("that's so whack!") which made it even weirder. I just wasn't raised in an environment where it was considered normal for married men and fathers to meet married women/mothers at happy hour and buy them several rounds of frozen peach bellinis. (I will, however, be okay with it if in 20 years E decides to take me out to happy hour and buy me several rounds of frozen peach bellinis. I'm talking about people who are married to someone else!) So in summary, Patrizio's gets stars for its food, but X's for its weird-ass obnoxious and preadulterous clientele. Maybe next time we'll sit inside...

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