Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mid-week weekend recap

Saturday E and I slept in a bit, then got up and went to Fuel City to get tacos. I had heard of their tacos before but never actually eaten any (mainly because I didn't know how to get there). We got 12 because they're tiny, and it was incredibly necessary to get that many because they were SO GOOD. They are supposed to be some of the best tacos in TX and they were mighty tasty. My favorites were the Pastor and the Barbacoa. We got extra lime and cilantro and fried onions to put on top. As a side, we picked up a cup of corn from a lady selling it at a stand in front of the gas station (corn kernels with hot sauce, sour cream, margarine, and cheese mixed in. also really good. For drinks, Mexican Pepsi (I prefer Coke but couldn't find any). As there's nowhere to sit, we ate our meal rather ungracefully in the car (which, four days later, continues to smell of tacos) before heading over to the Dallas World Aquarium. I'm not actually sure if these are the absolutely best tacos that I've ever had in my life...I think part of the appeal is the illusion of slumming it, and the fact that the taco stand is open 24 hours a day, which means that one can eat Fuel City tacos while drunk at 3 AM, when everything tastes super amazing.
If you've never been to the aquarium, it's definitely a fun thing to see. It's not really so much an aquarium as a miniature zoo. You walk down from the top floor to underground, going through different levels of rainforest (with lots of monkeys and birds and a few tree sloths) down to alligators, then down further to the fish. If I go again, I'll pick a day that is not a saturday, and especially not a rainy saturday, because the place was super crowded. And everyone knows that the most irritating tourists are the ones who are getting in your way while you're trying to be a tourist.

Sunday we went out to coffee and breakfast with E's parents, then made a stop by Cost-Co to pick up things like, oh, two lb bricks of cheese (3 different varieties) and frozen turkey burgers. Every time I go there I re-remember why costco is the bomb. They're catering our wedding for sure.

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