Wednesday, February 13, 2008


If you live in the same area as me, you should know that Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Grocery store is a sham. Its prices are not low, and their rollbacks are still more expensive than just going to Kroger. Evidence: they charge ten cents more per lb for bananas than Kroger, and 70 cents more for a box of pre-flavored Quaker oatmeal packets. They also don't 2x/3x coupons like Kroger. As a side note, they pay their workers minuscule salaries (such that many of the people employed there are forced to work two full time jobs) and they don't offer a good health care plan. And they are STILL more expensive. And let's be honest, I'm a cheapskate and if they had substantially better prices than Kroger I would probably overlook the social injustice because I'm just not that good of a person. But they don't and it is a house of LIES.

Please excuse this; I've been studying kidneys for several weeks and my brain is probably going to explode soon. When you're as consistently and intently bored as I am right now, small discoveries seem like epiphanic revelations.

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Shannon De Leon said...

You're funny. Happy Valentine's Day. Love you.