Thursday, February 28, 2008

life IS demanding without understanding.

I'm so tired of DOING stuff. I want to sit on a raft or beach or basically anywhere that has sun and drink a margarita or some kind of colada or daquiri and just stay there for like five days without moving. I guess I would be willing to move to put on sunscreen or to adjust my towel to the angle of the sun, or to motion for another icy beverage. But instead I'm going to go ahead and continue to half-heartedly study neuro while complaining to anyone in earshot about how little I want to be studying and they'll agree because we all are tired together. But in a week and one day I'll be on a plane to Turkey, where I plan on drinking Raki (or whatever the local specialty is) and smoking hookah.
The title is in reference to the Ace of Base song "The Sign", which I will be singing and attempting to play guitar to tomorrow at the UTSW multicultural (read: South Asian dances with occasional other cultures) show. I didn't realize how bad I am at playing the guitar until I did a dress rehearsal today and heard it on microphone. I'm really very bad. I think someone will be videotaping the show, and if that happens I'll try and post my ode to Sweden up here for the world. I debated dressing as if I were from Europe in the early 90's, but I just don't own any clothing that tragic.
Tomorrow after the show I'm driving to Austin. On my drive down, I'm going to listen to Bat out of Hell and sing as loud as I can. Then I may listen to Aretha sings the Blues and sing that as loud as I can. If you ever pass a white Camry with a Duke sticker on the back window, take a look at the driver; it will probably be me looking like an ass and you'll have a good laugh.

PS yes that is my own brain on MRI at the top of the post. I did a study for $50.00 and they gave me the resulting images.

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Shannon De Leon said...

If you're trying to raise money for Turkey, I'd pay good money to see your performance in the multicultural show.
I totally could have supplied your outfit.

Can't wait to see you!