Sunday, February 10, 2008

how bazaar.

Last night was Ryan's Middle-Eastern potluck extravaganza. As usual, there was ten times too much delicious food and . I made a Lebanese Lentil Salad which was easy and pretty tasty. I will be eating it all week because I made a double batch (just in case!) then decided I had a ridiculous amount (about 4-5 quarts I think) and took only half of it to the party.
Highlights included two varieties of baklava, six or more different kinds of hummus, some kind of meat filled fritter, yellow curry (not strictly region specific but still delicious) , mousaka which I am for sure spelling incorrectly, and two different kinds of birthday cake. Happy Birthday x 2! Me and Matt Ryan dancing/looking in the mirror. If you can call the movie reference, you win! I'm not sure why this is linking, but I think if you click on these words you will end up (again) at a recipe for Lentil Salad.

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