Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wedding Announcements

In honor of our original wedding day, which was October 3 (and which was moved up nearly two months due to the international relocation of our Reverend, Kathryn Ransdell), I'm posting about our wedding announcements. Because we decided to move our wedding forward with three weeks notice, We didn't end up sending invitations; instead, we sent announcements after the fact. I used basically the exact same design but changed some text. Here's how they were designed:

1; I made a paper-cutting of an oak tree with our initials carved into it, and took a picture of said paper cutting with my camera. The paper cutting is now living on a wall in our kitchen above a picture of Ethan's mom from high school dressed as a majorette.

2; I used Picasa to tweak the image so that the brown was richer and the ivory was creamier. I also added the necessary text.

3; I uploaded the image (with Picasa text added) to and waited until they sent me a coupon for 10 free announcements before I ordered them.

4; I didn't like the envelopes offered by vistaprint so I went to paper source and got some shiny brown ones and lined them with a coordinating envelope liner that probably no one but me will notice, as the envelope is usually ripped open and then thrown away.

I also crocheted a bouquet wrap and ring-bearer pillow. The bouquet wrap was used, but we didn't have a ring bearer or any attendants for that matter. If you're in the market for a light green crocheted ring-bearer pillow, let me know because I have an extra. The bouquet wrap is now living a second life as a wash cloth.

So there you have it! my crafty little wedding announcements.

In other news, I had the swine flu last week and it was really not that bad. I just felt weak and needed a lot of naps for a week, and spiked a fever only on the first day. NOT THAT BAD. Honestly, the scariest thing about this flu is its publicity. People just need to chillax.


Anonymous said...

Saying you had swine flu sounds pretty bad-ass... It's like saying you got in a bar fight with a 350 lb biker and kicked his butt!

Anonymous said...

That being said, I'd rather admire you for having such a feat under your belt than join the team myself! :-)

Kathryn Ransdell said...

Your wedding announcements are beautiful! I was so glad to be part of your ceremony and wish you and Ethan the best. Miss you! Kathryn