Thursday, February 19, 2009


The above notice was posted on the community events board at the Starbucks on Mockingbird between Abrams and Skillman. I love when people do random stuff like that to put a smile on stranger's faces! Oh and by the way I didn't black out the number cause I don't know how... but I trust that my blog isn't read by that many crazy people who'd actually call it. I hope I'm right.

Here are a few pictures from the dog park. We take Reagan at least once a week, more if it's nice out and I have afternoons off of work. Here's the baby smiling and saying "thanks! this is awesome! I freaking love this!" He always scouts the perimeter to make sure that everything is secure. then he marks over other dogs, and then he comes back so that we can tell him he did a good job. Sometimes we take him to the swimming part, where he tries to guard the coastline. But he really can't keep up with the Labs or Golden Retrievers... especially when they work as a team:

In non-animal related news, I made a pretty spectacular German Chocolate Cake for E's birthday. It was so good that I'm thinking of making it as his groom's cake for the wedding. I got the recipe from the New Best Recipe Cookbook. It's awesome... it gives you explanations of exactly why each ingredient was chosen and what will happen if you diverge from their planned proportions. I was intimidated at first, but I got past it and now I'm a definite devotee.

I'm on psych now, where a 5 hour day feels like a 13 hour day, and where some of the doctors need medicating as much as the patients do. awesome.

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