Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last Wednesday E and I went to have our cake consultation with some lady who makes them. It was going pretty well... she sketched out a picture of a cake that I thought would be pretty, the cake itself tasted good, and she was incredibly friendly. Then comes the quote... Total for wedding cake and groom's cake? $677! for a small wedding! we're only having like 85 people there! I was so tempted to go home and try to squeeze the cake into my budget because the decoration sounded like it was going to be exactly as awesome as I had envisioned it, until I remembered that:
a) it's just a cake, even if it does have fondant molded and swirled to look like real turquoise beads
b) I don't remember what any cake has looked like at any wedding I've been to
c) my absolutely favorite cake in the world is the Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods. That was actually my first choice from the beginning but they don't make them tiered.

So after much discussion (like five minutes worth), E and I decided that we could not get behind spending THAT Much money for a cake that honestly tasted only okay, but wasn't as good as what I can get from whole foods. We're still debating exactly what is going to happen with the cakes, but one thing is certain: the Berry Chantilly WILL be making an appearance. I may even try to tier the thing myself so it looks all fancy. So take that, wedding vendor world. I am going to circumvent you and stay within my budget if it kills me. Because there's no way on earth that we're going to take out a loan to pay for a party.
On an unrelated note, what is up with people who wear the perfume "Angel" by Thierry Mugler? I swear that every single woman who wears that perfume is the same woman who thinks it smells so awesome she should spray herself six times when half a spray would do. Leaving the scent of your perfume behind when you leave an elevator is not hot. neither is me having to shift my position if I'm down-wind so I don't get bitchslapped by your angel-scent. Simmer down with the spritzing. it makes me feel ill.


Mrs.Preppy said...

My favorite is when someone gets out of an elevator and you can still smell them. Ugh.

Lauren said...

yeah or when you get into an empty elevator and it smells like someone's perfume! that happened to me the other night. with Angel, of course.

Chrystel said...

I feel the same way about walking by those stores that like to douse perfume everywhere, like Abercrombie. I'm tired of getting a migraine everytime I go to the mall!