Friday, November 7, 2008

My life

my life is ridiculously busy and exhausting and also awesome and fun and exciting. Last night I got to suture someone's face who had been cut up as she was leaving a bar. It was pretty cool. And I also got to help put in a tracheostomy in an ICU patient, which was nothing at all what I expected (much more controlled and methodical, which is I guess reassuring but not as cool as just sticking a pen into someone's throat).
Things I've learned at work: Sleep when you can, eat when you can, pee when you can. And the fourth, lesser-known rule of surgery--never eat anything bigger than your head after midnight. It will make you crash and burn at a time when you're already deprived as hell of sleep and drinking caffeine only works up to a certain point. e.g. today as I was writing patient notes I kept on falling asleep and ended up with ink blotches on the paper. And I had to initial next to each blotch, in order to say "yes, I indeed made a mistake here, and I'm admitting to it".
Outside of school, I've been spending most of my time with E. We've decided to be one of those disgustingly happy couples that make other people jealous and just a little bit nauseated. It's working out quite well. It's as comfortable as being by myself but way more exciting and stimulating and fun. I should have known...I got a fortune cookie three days before our first date that said "the one you love is closer than you think". Score AGAIN for correct fortune cookie fortunes!

***Update: I just learned the fifth rule of surgery; "Don't F@#! with the pancreas". Unless absolutely necessary. leave it alone.

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