Tuesday, November 11, 2008

icky sicky

Surgery's grueling schedule is finally catching up with me. it turns out that getting one hour of sleep every third night is actually terrible for you...all of the people on my team are getting sick, including me. Today I skipped my last lecture and went home to crawl into bed. I have call again tomorrow. ugh. Plus one of my patients decided to start hallucinating last night and so he can't be discharged as previously planned, which is kind of not awesome.

Saturday night E and I went to dinner and to the symphony (I can get wicked deals on tickets from school). We went to a place called Cafe R + D and it was fantastic. Very small menu, but everything done perfectly. We had some mango-tuna sushi, some deviled eggs, and then I had the center cut filet and E had some pan-fried sea bass (of course the waiter got confused and couldn't understand why the woman got the beef and the man got the fish... it completely blew his mind). Next time I go I'm going to try the shitake mushroom meatloaf. I also had a Manhattan for the first time ever, and think I may have found my new favorite cocktail. I have a tendency to like drinks from the 1950s, when smoking was good for you, everyone knocked back a few cocktails when they got home from work and then had a nightcap after dinner. None of this cosmo bullshit. Give me something from the days when hard liquor was considered wholesome.
Due to our lingering dinner we missed the first half of the symphony (or rather, heard it from bar area). We didn't mind too much, and the part we did see was wonderful. I don't pretend to know a lot about classical music, but I do enjoy occasionally pretending like I have some class. Here's a picture of me and E while we were waiting to be able to go in:

Something else I had to talk about: the other day I went to the grocery store at around 2:30 AM to grab a giant German Chocolate cake (cause I got it like that!) and stumbled across...

an idiot's guide to prayer and devotion? I know it's a series and all, but really? First of all, idiots generally don't look for ways to more deeply explore their faith; they're too busy judging you. Secondly, why is there a devotional at the Tom Thumb checkout counter, and third, Devotion for idiots? seriously? The only worse book I've seen is "The complete idiot's guide to adoption". How'd you like it if you found that on your parent's bookshelf?

Shannon, Ben and Anna came into town this past weekend to go to SMU homecoming. I gave Anna her birthday present finally (a child-sized purse filled with goodies s.a. old sunglasses, toys with bells in them, an old cell phone, a comb, and library cards). She was in H-E-A-V-E-N! Here's a picture of the little goose playing with her present. Oh and PS the toys with bells are actually meant for cats, but she loved them more than any other thing in there.

I'm going back to bed now with a large glass of OJ and some positive thoughts. I WILL heal myself!


Erina said...
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Erina said...

Anna is so friggin cute I can't get over it. Oh, and you look beautiful! I can see you're wearing heels and still shorter than E! I miss you and love you! Muahskies.

Gable said...

you look amazingly beautiful in that picture :)