Thursday, January 17, 2008

self-enforced poverty

I'm doing a little experiment right now to see if it's possible to every meal for under $1 each. When I mention this plan to my friends, they tend to scoff. I'm told that my dream is impossible. Clearly they don't fully appreciate my obsessions with being a cheapo. Last night I went grocery shopping, and for around $65 I got enough food to last me for about a month and a half. How do I do it, you ask?

Beans and rice are my home boy and girl , respectively. Dry beans cost 88 cents for two pounds, and rice is $2.00 for a five-pound bag that lasts forever. Add in some seasonings, garlic, salt and hot sauce and I'm good to go for 4-5 dinners. Peanut butter is $2.00 a jar, jam is $1.50, and bread is $1.09 for a loaf. Delicious. My diet is a little monotonous, but I was able to buy some beautiful and heavenly comfortable Tony Lama boots.
Ok, so maybe I'm just eating this way because I spent too much money during the month of December, then had to pay $480 to register for my board exam. It's easier to cut myself off completely from luxurious restaurants (like souper salad) than to go halfway with it.


Monkey Soup said...

Ooooh! So cool. You should read this website:
and go to the part about the 45 dollar emergency menu. I bet one person could stretch this REALLY far. Good luck with your experiment!

tips: ingredients, nothing prepacked
no meat, way too pricey
check out this site, too:
This lady is SUPER frugal and has all sort of tricks to save money on food. She's so thrifty I can't keep up with her at all.
Have a good day!
ps: your profile pic is scaring me!

ps, come back to austin so we can paint more pottery.

Lauren said...

I've been spending like an hour a day on the hillbilly housewife page. It really inspires me to throw everything out the window and go live in backwoods Appalachia. I made my own version of 5-grain breakfast cereal using rice, cornmeal, flour, oats, and flaxseed (obtained at the local discount mexican grocery store.)
Thanks for the tip!