Saturday, January 12, 2008


I love new year's resolutions. last year boasted such highlights as "run 3 miles in 24 minutes" (did not happen), "cut down on soda" (I am now too poor to buy soda, so this one was accomplished), "go to church" (yes; First United Methodist) and "drink less booze" (I don't often have any time to go out, so I am nearly a teetotaler) I finally got around to making mine for this year:
  • treat med school like an 8-6 job and go to class.
  • read more real news and less celebrity gossip news
  • become a ridiculously awesome triathlete
  • stop wearing athletic clothes to look like I am about to go work out but really I was too lazy to put together a normal outfit
  • stop allowing starbucks to suck away half of my food budget
  • read the entire Bible in a year
Last night was Karla's birthday bash. We did reverse happy hour at Kona Grill, which is a restaurant attached to a mall, which is kind of weird but they have pretty good food and nice drink specials. It was packed and some guy almost hit me trying to hold me back from tripping over these giant Barney's bags he had on the ground. I think rather than assaulting ladies, the better idea is to put giant things in your car instead of on the ground in a crowded bar. There were also two cougars there who got into a cat fight. It was broken up by THREE of Dallas's finest (and you wonder why we have one of the ten highest crime rates in the country?).

After Kona, we went to the Knox Street Pub to boogie. I saw people who I haven't seen in MONTHS. BuAbbud promised to take me skeet shooting in the near future. Maybe even today.

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Anonymous said...

Eeek! Perhaps this addiction to athletic clothes runs in the family? I have the same problem. I live in my "sweat suits" (I feel guilty even calling them that... for I can promise you that if any sweat has ever touched them, it was not my own... If any sweat touched the, it probably belonged to some sweaty person I brushed up against on the metro.). I pretend I'm planning to go to the gym... But really I only wore them becuase I'm too lazy to pick out a real outfit (and they keep me comfy in long classes)! Maybe we should start a support group?