Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am bored of how I dress these days. I really wish I were one of those people who could go into a store, pick up something, and make it look current. I really do. But I have a problem where I compulsively choose the conservative clothing choice.

check out that sweet cardigan!

I think it started in college.... Duke is Preppy to the point that it's almost ironic. And sometimes excessive preppiness begins to look like "dressing like you're 40 for your entire life". like, a polo shirt (collar popped please!), a Burberry quilted jacket, and a Vera Bradley/ Herve/ Longchamps/ vineyard vines tote bag is the uniform. Which is great when you're 19 or 20 and you want someone to think you're old enough to buy booze. But when you're 27, it makes people think you're 35 if you dress like you're 40. Which is depressing.

how old is she? 20? 45? don't pretend like you can actually guess with any confidence.

So my new goal is to dress more funky fresh. I am a little limited in that I work in a HOSPITAL, which is quite a conservative environment, and I actually do quite a bit of bending over/ squatting/ moving people's limbs around in my training as a physiatrist. So my clothes have to be fairly low maintenance- in other words I can't worry about bending over and showing my bubbies.

There's also my addiction to anything with sailor stripes.

I currently have four shirts and a dress with this pattern... I'm just going to have to work with this problem, because it's not going away. And also, if anyone doesn't know what to get me for Christmas, that tunic would be well-loved.

my other problem? I'm 6' tall. with big feet, a very long torso and a moderately long legs. I am reasonably thin but not stick skinny. I am fine with what my body looks like, but it is a hard body to dress. the part of a dress that is supposed to curve out and leave room for your butt? ends up at my lower back. shirts struggle to meet pants. pants struggle to meet shoes. Cropped pants and bracelet length sleeves look ridiculous, like I grew out of my clothes.

So my clothing goal, I guess, is to ignore the little demon whispering "oooh there's a sale at Banana Republic" and try to branch out a little. or at least pick the wild and crazy choices at my trusty BR.

And yes, I realize that this entire post is potential fodder for white whine. I am lucky that my problems are of the first world variety.

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