Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas spirit, part dos

Are you ready? because there's a truckload of it at the Losefast house.

Our tree-on-a-table. glass ornaments + happy Reagan wagging tail + occasional Fed-Ex deliveries (and Reagan attacking his designated $2.00 Ikea rug to show delivery man how tough he is) = disaster. So we put the tree on a table above tail and rug-thrashing height. problem solved. (and the added benefit of having a 5' tall tree go all the way to the ceiling. yay frugality!)

A smattering of favorite ornaments, collected on trips we've taken together (or bought at home goods just because they're pretty)

This one was from a Christmas shop in Fredricksburg. We took a day trip last year during my vacation. if there's one thing Germans do well, it's beer. If there are two things, it's beer and Christmas cheer.

This one is from Home Goods. It's a Royal Doulton crystal snowflake and it was something like $5. I like nice things. but I don't want to pay nice-thing prices because I'm a dropper. $5 shattered ornament > $30 shattered ornament.

Bride and Groom from our first Christmas together- this was a gift to us. I like giving heirloom ornaments as a wedding present because many couples start out with a mostly empty tree, and it's something special that most people won't buy for themselves. If we'd gotten married in December I would have asked for ornaments as wedding gifts.

This one is a Very Fancy ornament my parents bought me when I was born in 1984. They wrote a letter to future me and put it on the inside of the box, and then gave me the ornament as a gift when I was in my teens. I think this is SUCH a sweet idea and one I will be carrying on whenever baby Losefasts come around (not I'm not prego)

Our crystal decided it needed some bling. I obliged.

We found this wooden nativity at Oktoberfest in Addison at a Christmas booth. despite the pouring rain and too much beer, I managed to keep it intact that night and bring it home.

A fuller picture of our decked-out sideboard

And the REALLY big picture. including crocheted circle garland I'm making out of scraps. I keep adding to it with spare bits of yarn left over from other projects, and expect that one day it will be long enough to decorate our tree!

hopefully we'll get another freak snowmageddon in Dallas this year! It's a long shot, but I'm STILL dreaming of a white Christmas. The week after Christmas will also be acceptable as it will likely allow me to miss some work days.

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