Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding weekend

This weekend we had the pleasure of seeing Ethan's brother marry his bride. The wedding was beautiful, and the couple share so much love with one another that it radiates. It was rainy and cloudy all day until about an hour prior to their ceremony, when it gave them a perfect break. Almost as soon as they had finished their vows, we started feeling raindrops!

Here are my two attempts at artsy-fartsy pictures:


Here's my handsome husband in his tux:

Me and Ethan:

The bride with her father. She had the most huge smile!

During the ceremony.

The stormy weather made the setting even more beautiful (especially for all those guys in tuxes standing up front!)

I had to make my mark on Ethan. He thought it was funny and never wiped it off.

We danced all night... to the point that I am REALLY sore today. like difficult to move. I was tearing it up, y'all.


One more picture of that beautiful stormy sky

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