Friday, July 23, 2010

holy mid-century classic, batman!

Today after I got off of my 30 hour shift, Ethan drove me home, and I took my post-call nap, I got up and took Ethan to the thrift store. Something about going to thrift stores and finding the one thing that is there that is not absolute crap, then giving it a home, is so satisfying to me. especially today.

I spied these in the furniture section of Garland Rd Thrift, and said to myself "we need a desk chair, and those are cute. I think I'll get one of them!" it was comfortable, so I did the next logical thing- flipped it over and looked at the tag on the bottom. it said "knoll international". My heart started beating a little faster. I googled knoll international chair from my iphone and discovered that the chair I was sitting on was actually one of those fancy iconic modern classics that's actually named after someone! They are Pollock executive chairs.

And they retail for around $1300 each. Unless you buy vintage ones at Garland Road thrift, where they retail for $19.19 a piece. So we got both. And now we have the ultimate accessory of the over-educated white person's home, a chair with a name.

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Karen said...

Wow--what a great find! I really like them.