Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We're Married!

We got married on Sunday, and it was awesome.
It was small and happy and we new everyone who was there and our minister knew us and knew what has been happening in our lives and was able to speak to that and to our guests. Everyone there knows both of us and sincerely cares for our future happiness.
There were a few people who I would have liked to have been there (my father, obviously, one of my girlfriends from medical school was sick, and my three closest college friends are spread across the country and I didn't feel like it was fair to ask them to come when we wouldn't even have one whole day to spend together because of my schedule, and given the short notice of our changed wedding date).
We had the ceremony in a tiny chapel located at the side of our church (which was magically made more glowy and beautiful by my joy in the situation). It fit our 15 or so guests very nicely. I cried, nay, nearly bawled as we were reciting our vows. Our good friend and talented photographer Budi Tjoenawan took pictures, which was amazingly generous of him and turned out better than I could have imagined. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas, Angelo's Where they have bottomless mimosas on Sundays (lucky us!) and where they let you order off the menu if you ask very nicely. The cake I made (almond cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting, decorated by edible flowers) turned out very well, and there was enough left over for Ethan and I to each gobble up a piece yesterday. I may make another one soon just to have, because it was seriously that good. I will post my recipe later. That night we went out to the Balcony club
where we listened to Jazz and Ethan drank dirty gin martinis and I drank gin and tonics with extra lime, because Gin and Jazz go together like... wings and Monday night football? Best of all, I married Ethan, who is my soul-mate, and who makes me happier than I ever imagined I could be.


Allison said...

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Deanna said...

Congratulations. Best wishes to you in the years to come.

Deanna Courreges (Dave's Mom)