Sunday, August 2, 2009

Everybody's working for the weekend

This weekend was really fun. First things first, Friday we went and got our marriage license (and for the first time ever, I got something from a government office without having to wait in any line). Of course, the lady who was processing the license forgot to SIGN it! That is like her only job! to put information into a computer correctly, put a sticker/seal on, and sign the paper. And she couldn't even do it. We have to go back to the license office Tuesday to get her to sign it.
After that was finished, we drove up to Lake Texoma for a weekend with some of Ethan's family. Specifically, we stayed in a place called "Grandpappy Point". It was pretty basic, but it had AC and a stove and a microwave, so we could pretend like we were roughing it somewhat without actually doing so at all. Which is fine with me, because I don't actually like roughing it, I only like the idea of roughing it. I got much better at throwing a football, we built fires, Ethan and his brother grilled meats over coals. It was really fun and relaxing.
Saturday we went to Eisenhower state park to hike and do a little swimming. It was beautiful, especially right around the coastline, and I'm pretty excited that we have that resource only 1.5 hours away from where we live!

I think we'll be going back for day trips more often. Later we went on a pontoon boat and just enjoyed drinking beer and cruising around the lake.

We also did some jumping off of the boat, which was fun until we tried to get back on... I am pretty well bruised up and sore today from flopping back onto the pontoon boat deck twenty times. After dinner I made a kick-ass fire and we roasted marshmallows for s'mores.

Things I might change: the water out of the tap was pretty undrinkable, and there was no bottled. So all I drank all weekend was coffee and beer, and I feel a little bit like a dried out old raisin... or a sailor from the days of yore. Also, I think I'm going to do a fruits and veggies semi-fast for a day until I re-regulate from all huge quantities of meat/simple carbs I ate at every single meal (Saturday we had sausage, eggs, and pancakes with syrup for breakfast, brats with sauerkraut and potato salad for lunch, and hamburgers with baked beans and more potato salad for dinner, followed by s'mores. All washed down with a ridiculous amount of beer. Except breakfast, which was washed down with coffee.) I feel incredibly unhealthy right now. But it felt really good while I was eating all that stuff!

In the next week, I'm meeting with my adviser to discuss residency application, starting a new rotation (neurology... ugh), traveling to Houston for my step 2 CS test on Saturday, and, oh yeah, getting married on Sunday. Because the reverend who I have come to know well over the last three years, and who did our pre-marital counseling, suddenly found out that she has to move to Canada in the middle of August. So rather than switch to someone we don't know as well, we just moved the wedding up. The good news is, we get to have it within the church (no organist or processional, just what is called a walk-in ceremony) which I am very happy about.

Peace in your hood.

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