Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Looky-loo what I made!

I planned on making this silverware roll about 7 months ago. I had all the pieces cut out, and then my sewing machine decided to forget how a bobbin worked. Ethan took pity on me after about 6 months and took it in to get fixed. It now works better than new! (HIGHLY recommend Mr. Sewing Machine in Dallas.)

Basically, it's two equally sized squares of fabric, one slightly smaller to make the pocket, and a strip sewed into a tie. The fabric was left over from other projects, or found in the scrap bin at Crate & Barrel outlet. If you have never been there, they sell decently sized scraps of Marimekko fabric (perfect for small projects or pillows) for $1.00 per pound. They also sell by the yard for $4.00- not bad for some classic modern designer fabric!

I made a matching bag out of scraps, so now I can brown-bag in style.

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