Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dallas By Chocolate

For our late Valentines celebration (as I was on night float all last week) Ethan got us reservations on a chocolate tour of Dallas, appropriately named "Dallas By Chocolate". It was overall a good experience, visiting Empire Baking Company, Bolsa Mercado, Dude Sweet Chocolate, and Rush Patisserie. We also stopped shortly at a pop-up pie shop that was only at that location for this weekend (?). I did not get pie because my own are so damn good that I was afraid of being disappointed. Also, It was near to the end of the tour and I was frankly getting a tiny bit chocolated out.

The best place for CHOCOLATE was Dude, Sweet Chocolate in the Bishops Arts District (bonus points for having yarn-bombed trees out front). Empire Baking Company had great Baguette (which we bought). Rush Patisserie is run by a woman named Samantha Rush who trained at the Cordon Bleu as a pastry chef. Bolsa Mercado has promise, but they were low on stock for the more interesting things when we went.

The only downfall? the advertised limousine bus was more than a little beat-down, and the advertised wine was a couple of bottles of cheap white zinfandel. Since I'm not 16 and tasting alcohol for the first time, I didn't drink any. Overall, though, the positives definitely outweighed the minor rough spots. It was a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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