Friday, September 18, 2009


I got four interview offers this week! hooray! I'm scheduled to visit UT Austin, Baylor in Dallas, Baylor in Houston, and Scott&White in Temple (as an aside, I didn't realize that Temple, TX and Tyler, TX were separate... in my mind they are one city. Similarly, I didn't realize that Land's End and L.L. Bean were different companies until well into my teens).
I'm currently doing a rotation at Baylor in Dallas of mixed ob/gyn. It's semi-long hours, but it's pretty fun because they let me do some stuff and there's not a lot of scut work. And they have a really nice free coffee machine with unlimited coffeemate in a variety of flavors (which is admittedly a really vapid, dumb reason to pick a place to work, but it does brighten my day just a little).
Going to go nap now.

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Mama Arleigh said...

Congrats on your interviews, Lauren! Would you please send me your street address? Thanks and good luck!