Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today instead of doing my work like a good girl I decided to take the afternoon off and go ride my bike around White Rock Lake. What I should have known was that the pleasant breeze I felt in Uptown was a major wind at the lake, producing considerable swells and whitecaps on the water. I look at the water because of my past life as a fairly good rower--this was the kind of water that could break a single in half.
Since I was on a bike and not a boat, I fearlessly began my journey around the lake (with my new clips which are awesome and make me feel like I've been working out, even though I haven't!). I somehow had a headwind for more than half of the lake. going around once usually takes less than 30 mins, and today it took me 40 because I could barely get anywhere at all. It was like biking and carrying a big weighted railroad trolley behind me. Plus my face was flapping in the breeze like a basset hound out a car window.
On top of the wind, I also fell over at a stop sign. I loosened my shoes because my feet were getting a bit numb, but I didn't realize that I could no longer effectively control my shoe in the clip-- the shoes didn't come out, and I fell slowly over into someone's yard. I will say that it made me very conscious of the fact that there ARE friendly and helpful people in Dallas--two people pulled over and asked if I was okay!
Good news today: I think I may have found a place to live next year! Someone sent out an email re: a garage apartment in University Park, and I am going to go look at it on Thursday and meet the owner. Other good news: I went to Central Market and browsed groceries for over an hour. I could literally spend an entire day there and never get bored... especially when they have samples out. Today I tried an orange, some grapes, ratatouille, some kind of fish, and some potato chips. The Central Market in Dallas is somewhat lax about having cheese samples out, so I unfortunately didn't get to gorge on those. To make up for it I got myself eight chocolate-covered gummi bears, which are probably my favorite candy, and definitely in my top 5.
More Istanbul posts will come as I feel energized to do them.

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